1. For Twitter, The Bird is The Word

    Twitter has made a move to drastically simplify its bird icon, and as a
    further move toward ubiquity is dropping the word “Twitter” from most
    of its brand applications. 

    I like the simplification, but does anyone else feel like the bird is going to tip over backwards?

    (Source: theverge.com)

  2. Hello Context: In defense of the new Brooklyn Nets identity

    One of the biggest design stories of the past few weeks was the rebranding of the New Jersey Nets NBA franchise as they officially made the move to their new home in Brooklyn. The resulting logo and identity system has proven to be polarizing within the design community, and as a lifelong basketball fan and designer, I felt it necessary to opine.

    I feel that much of the conversation about this rebrand has lacked one essential piece of the puzzle: Design Context.

    Brands don’t exist in vacuums, they live in the real world.

    This move was orchestrated by the team’s new ownership group, led by Mikhail Prokhorov (Russia’s 3rd richest man), Bruce Ratner & Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z. The cross-hudson transplant will mark the first time that a professional franchise has called Brooklyn home since the Brooklyn Dodgers became the L.A. Dodgers years ago.

    Now that we have this little history lesson out of the way, let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of the issue at hand.

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